"Recruitree has always provided our HR team with a service that far exceeds some of the other recruitment agency relationships which we have had in the past 8 years. Their energy and attitude towards helping us find the right candidates for the required roles, has been very refreshing and reaffirms that, we have a partnership with a unique agency which genuinely cares about finding us the right people. The team's enthusiasm, professionalism and clear pride in their work allows me to trust we will have a great relationship with Recruitree in the future. The most crucial element they bring as an Executive Search Firm is not only their knowledge and understanding of the market, which is exceptional, but also their ability to quickly understand our business, what we need and how best to deliver the right solution at the most cost effective price. They work very closely with the business to ensure that they deliver professional and high quality service at all times. Our experience of them is that, they are extremely thorough in their research and selection processes, which ensures that short listed candidates truly match the role in terms of fit, knowledge, experience and skills. We would have no hesitation in recommending Recruitree for their level of professionalism and high performance in the recruitment arena - on top of that they are wonderful people to work with!"

-Director, US Outsourcing Company

“The Recruitree team is very responsive and attuned to our needs. I was impressed that they wanted to understand our business, hiring objectives, and culture to find us the right teammates. We were very impressed by the quality of the candidates and the efficiency with which the team was able to help us close a position. If a 25-day old gamified learning startup can hire an Android developer who has experience in both games and education in 7 days flat, I am sure any company will benefit from working with Recruitree.”

-Founder & CEO, Product Company

"We have been using the services of Recruitree since their inception. I have found them to be accurate in their search as well as being prompt. Once the parameters are clear they can keep up a steady supply of relevant candidates especially in an industry like ours which is very niche and does have a limited supply of talent available in India. "

-Senior Recruitment Manager, Asia Pacific, UK Digital Broadcasting Technologies Company